Mobile Ear Wax Removal

From £60

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3000+ patients

Our audiologists have a wealth of experience in ear wax removal so rest assured – your ears are in good hands.


We take cash and card payments.

Mobile Service

You do not need to worry about coming to us. We are happy to make the journey to you for an additional element of comfort to the procedure.

Paediatric Care

We are happy to see children above the age of 5.

Our Services

Endoscopic micro-suction

Micro-suction Ear Wax Removal

A safe and highly effective method in removing ears occluded with wax, debris or infection. It involves using a low pressured suction tube and suction probe and is widely used in hospitals and other healthcare settings around the U.K. This procedure is performed by our trained and insured audiologists and your comfort is their number one priority.

An endoscope is also used to allow our professionals to capture the entire procedure for you to see.

Areas We Cover

We cover most of England and Wales, so get in touch and we can arrange an appointment date best suited for you.

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