Frequently Asked Questions

Who will I see in the appointment?

The appointment will be taken by our Senior Audiologist Adnan (Mr Ears), who has seen a countless number of patients over the last 5 years

Have you been trained to undertake ear wax removal?

Our Audiologists have been through specialist training to conduct ear wax removal and have had to comply to numerous competencies.

Should I do anything before the appointment day?

We normally advise using Earol olive oil spray prior to the appointment for around 5-7 days to help soften the ear wax. This allows us to remove it easily and provide a comfortable experience for you.

A pharmacist has recommended using Otex ear spray, should I use this?

We tend to advise avoiding this as it contains sodium bicarbonate, which can cause irritation to the skin lining of the ear canal.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure normally takes around a total of 30 minutes for both ears, but this can vary.

Will I be charged if there is no wax?

We charge a consultation fee of £30 if no wax is present.

What forms of payment do you take?

We take cash or card payments with no additional fee.

My ear wax was not removed in the first appointment, will I be charged for a second visit?

We do not charge for a second visit within a 40 mile radius of Bolton. Anything above 40 miles is charged at £30 per extra visit.

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